Where to Sign Up for a Blog

There are several blogging software sources with good reviews .WordPress (www.wordpress.org) is free, with a focus on web standards and usability. In 2011, I signed up with Blogger ( www.blogger.com ) and have been happy enough to stay with it since. Blogger has a free version and provides free hosting for your blog on BlogSpot. I also have a couple of WordPress blogs. Because I have access and accounts with Blogger and WordPress. That dose not imply that I endorse them over other blogging tools that might suit your needs.

There are other companies offering weblog services or software that have a good reputations, including Movable Type (www.movabletype.org) and Greymatter (www.noahgrey.com/greysoft).

I've heard good things about Typepad (www.typepad.com), although it is not free.

Check out all of these options and make a choice that is best for what your are trying to accomplish with your weblog, as I'll describe next.

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